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"Really crazy." "I'm sorry, I may not be able to get into college." "The speed of doing questions has plummeted, and it's really too sleepy."

“真的疯了。” “对不起,我可能无法上大学。” “提问的速度已经下降,而且真的太困了。”

On March 17, the topic #今日高三学生有多难# was posted on Weibo Hot Search, and the text on the picture was "No chance to repeat, no chance to add points,


A senior high school student asked "What to do if you don't have self-discipline, and solve it online." The comment was liked by more than 6000 people and was highly commented. Someone replied "Sister, such likes and comments are destined to make you unable to discipline yourself."


This seems to be a paradox for them,


In 2020, the number of national college entrance examination applicants is expected to continue to exceed 10 million. In less than three months before the exam, it should have been their sprint day at school. Nowadays, they can only stay at home, facing the screen, facing the test paper, and facing some unsolvable problems. More importantly,


Faced with preparations for the exam under the epidemic, people will unconsciously mention the 2003 college entrance examination. Over the past 17 years, many changes have taken place in the college entrance examination, but many things have not changed.


Mentality often determines many things. Bai Tao, a senior high school student, was lying dead on the bed when he received the notice of delayed start of school.


It was the seventh day of the first month of the lunar calendar. If everything is normal, he should start school that day. Originally only ten days of winter vacation, it was his shortest winter vacation so far. Now it suddenly became the longest winter vacation. This is something that all senior high school students would never think of.


With the development of the epidemic, on January 27, 2020, the Ministry of Education officially issued a notice,


Delayed start of school does not mean a holiday. Classes still have to take place. Teachers are forced to become anchors one by one and start live video streaming.


But for teachers and students who are accustomed to sitting in the classroom facing each other and attending lectures, both parties are not comfortable with this form. The network freezes, no sound can be heard, and the connection is suddenly dropped. These situations often happen at the beginning. There is no way. The teachers at Bai Tao's school bought more professional equipment.


There were fewer mistakes in the live broadcast, but Bai Tao still felt that the effect was too bad.


In the face-to-face situation, the teacher can know whether the student understands the question through the expression and reaction of the student, and it will be more convenient for the student to ask questions.


But now, all I face is a screen,


Fearing that his biological clock won’t be able to be adjusted after arriving at school, Bai Tao is trying his best to follow the school’s standards. He still follows the original schedule: wake up at six, read some concepts for himself after washing up, and then follow online classes, meals, and lunch breaks. Until the end of self-study at nine o'clock in the evening.


After that, he himself will add another hour and a half to study, but occasionally he will be lazy to play games. Sometimes there is no sound on the computer at the beginning of the live broadcast, and a physics problem cannot be solved in ten minutes. Before looking up, the next class has already started for a few minutes. In order not to miss it, from waking up to class, he ordered on his phone


The original Hundred Days Oath Conference was also cancelled, and the teacher only did some ideological mobilization on WeChat. There are not many ways to restrain himself at home. He can only write some motivational words on post-it notes and put them in the most obvious position so that they can be seen at any time.


The family tried their best to create a quiet environment for him, but not everyone is like this.


In recent days, the neighbor on the opposite side started to repair the house and was working all day. The sound of tricycles and excavators kept coming and going. The huge noise caused serious interference to his lectures.


He feels that the effect of live broadcast is still not good.


Everyone knows how much the mentality can have on a person, especially in the stage of preparing for the exam.


Seventeen years ago, SARS was raging. A senior high school student was eager to change his destiny because of his mental collapse, but he put himself on the road of illegal crimes, and the destiny of many people was changed in the dark.


In late April 2003, all three mock exams in Nanchong, Sichuan were completed. Student Yang Bo performed abnormally in the three mock exams and failed to get the desired results. He began to worry that if he made a mistake in the college entrance examination, then he would not be able to realize his ideal of politics.


At 1:30 pm on June 5, 2003, when Yang Senfu, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau of Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, who was in charge of the inspection leading group, entered the secret room of the Nanfang County Recruitment Office, he was stunned by the scene in front of him. It was obvious that someone had come in in the room, and there were signs of turning over. A terrible thought flashed through my mind:


Block off the scene and transfer the police. At about 3 o'clock, the on-site investigation was over, the cabinet storing the test papers was opened, and one copy of the Chinese paper, English paper, liberal arts math paper, science math paper, liberal arts comprehensive paper, and science comprehensive paper was lost.


Zhang Qiwei, director of the Nanchong Public Security Bureau, realized the seriousness of the problem. He received an order to report the case directly to the assistant minister of the Ministry of Public Security, "so that the upper-level decision-making can be made in time." Held.


The first case analysis quickly unfolded, and the conclusion was that the test papers were not circulated. At 8 o'clock in the morning on June 6, Zhang Qiwei directly called the Assistant Minister of Public Security and reported the police's preliminary judgment. On June 7, the national college entrance examination proceeded as scheduled.

第一个案例分析迅速展开,结论是试卷没有分发。 6月6日上午8点,张其伟直接致电公安部助理部长,并报告了警方的初步判决。 6月7日,全国高考如期进行。

Yang Bo also walked into the examination room. He clearly remembered that when that idea appeared in his mind, he decided to act according to that idea. After he confirmed the specific location of the county recruitment office to save the college entrance examination papers, at 1 am on June 5th, at 1:00 am, he successfully entered the secret room with pliers, a knife and a pencil sharpener, opened the cabinet, opened the test paper bag, and stole it. Have one test paper for each subject. At around 5 in the morning, when the guard opened the door and there were many people coming in and out, he slipped out inside.


After returning home, he fell asleep. When I went to school in the afternoon, I heard teachers talking about the theft of test papers on campus. He was frightened in a cold sweat, but he didn't expect to be discovered so early. He hurried back to his house, and after reading a few math and composition questions, he burned the test paper and washed away.


At night, he found a place to burn his tools and shoes and clothes. When the college entrance examination ended and returned to the school to fill in the volunteers, there were already police on campus to investigate and collect fingerprints. He subconsciously applied glue on his fingers, which he wiped off after being found by investigators.


The fingerprints left in the secret room are exactly the same as the collected fingerprints of Yang Bo. At two o'clock in the morning on June 20, Yang Bo was arrested. On June 24, the college entrance examination results were announced,

留在秘密房间的指纹与杨波收集的指纹完全相同。 6月20日凌晨两点,杨波被捕。 6月24日,高考成绩公布了,

On August 25, 19-year-old Yang Bo was sentenced to 7 years in prison for illegally obtaining state secrets.


The test paper was stolen and the backup paper had to be used, but the backup paper in 2003 was particularly difficult.


At that time, you still have to estimate the age of volunteering. Many people have low scores because the examination papers are too difficult, and the standards for applying to schools have also been lowered. But the fact is, that year, due to the poor performance of everyone, the scores of most colleges and universities also fell. Many people just missed the school in their hearts.


On January 29, I received the notice of the postponement of the start of school by the head teacher in the parent group. The teachers recommended some online free courses for students to listen to. Starting on February 10, the school teachers started video lessons. Problems appeared one after another.


When it’s snowing, the internet is too bad to hear the teacher’s voice, and the teacher can’t hear the students’ voices; the teachers’ first online class, some of the courseware did not do well, which delayed a lot of time; some students were not focused enough and called several times 亚搏彩票官网下载No one responded; across the screen, the students who answered the question also hesitated.


For Wang Li, the biggest problem is the absence of the classroom atmosphere.


When the courseware cannot be shared on the screen, the teacher will send it to the WeChat group, and he needs to watch the courseware while listening to the teacher. At the same time, he must also pay attention to whether he is disconnected. In this case, he said that he is particularly easily distracted.


The prepared test cases were left in the school. Now they are not in the postponement of the school, and they must be used in class. He can only look for them one by one from the textbook.


The college entrance examination is getting closer and closer, and he feels that he still has not found the feeling of online classes. “I still feel that there are more things learned in class. I don’t know why this is the case.” Worried that reviewing at home will affect the final grades, he can only do more Do some questions and find some lessons on other websites to listen to yourself.

高考越来越近了,他觉得自己仍然没有找到在线课程的感觉。 “我仍然觉得在课堂上学到的东西更多。我不知道为什么会这样。”由于担心在家中进行复习会影响期末成绩,他只能做更多的事情。在其他网站上找到一些问题并上一些课,以听取自己的意见。

When anxiety cannot be relieved, I will also talk to my classmates, and everyone can only encourage each other. The class time was changed to one-and-a-half hours of class. When writing questions was too annoying, Wang Li would open the comics and look at them. His family would always come in at this time, thinking that he had been reading comics the time before.


He originally wanted to go to Wuhan for the college entrance examination, but no one thought of the current situation. But he did not change the goal:


Despite the anxiety, he still feels that encountering an epidemic during the third year of high school may be an unforgettable event in his life. With this experience of online classes, he feels that he will be more focused after returning to school, and he will be more able to calm his mind.


Speaking of the college entrance examination in 2003, Wang Li said that he could think of how difficult it was for them through the association of his current situation.


Feng Yi from Shanxi went through the college entrance examination that year. That was the first year when the college entrance examination time was changed from July to June. In the last semester, the head teacher always emphasized to them that "you are tight on time, task and pressure, and you have to work hard." But unexpectedly, in the last semester, SARS , There is less self-study late.


One day after the flag-raising ceremony ended, the school announced that it would be a holiday. Before the holiday, the school also mobilized the students, but they couldn't afford it. Looking back at that time, Feng Yi said that the atmosphere of the whole school made people not feel what the graduating class should be, and there was no feeling of sprinting.


The epidemic is approaching and the big test is about to come. When the two huge pressures come together, it will make people feel that this is just the case, "the life and death is just like this, so what else?" This may be the mentality of most students at the time. It also affected Feng Yi's choice of life afterwards.


But the preparation for the exam must continue. Many people carried a lot of books home, and the test papers weighed a pound when they were organized. Many years later, when he saw the phrase "I bought more than a hundred kilograms of chicken soup books to cheer myself up", Feng Yi said that he had a sense of sight, "I have experienced using weight to describe paper."


After returning home, Feng Yi and his mother sorted out the test papers, problem sets and reference books they had brought home, and confirmed their review progress. The work and rest time at home and school have not changed much either. I wake up at 8 and start reading and doing questions after eating; lunch and lunch break at 12 am, and I will continue to do questions and read books from 2 pm to 2:30 pm until 6 in the evening. Have dinner at 7; end the review at 11 in the evening.

回到家后,冯毅和他的母亲整理了他们带回家的试卷,习题集和参考书,并确认了复习的进度。家庭和学校的工作和休息时间也没有太大变化。我从8点起床,进餐后开始阅读并做问题;午饭和午饭时间是中午12点,我将继续从下午2点到下午2:30直到晚上6点为止提问和读书。 7点吃晚餐;在晚上11点结束审核。

Nevertheless, in 2003, the holiday was really a holiday. At that time, I still used the telephone line to dial up the Internet. There was no way to have online classes. It was completely separated from the supervision of the school and the teacher; Feng Yi's parents were still at work during the day, and there was no supervision from the family.


Feng Yi said that for students with mediocre grades like himself, they will be "lawless" after returning home, and there is no one to care about, and occasionally they can sneak out to rent a comic. According to the standards of high school students,


The computer at home is locked, but Feng Yi occasionally steals the locked computer while his family is away.


Feng Yi's advantage is chemistry, so he puts more energy on chemistry, and some problems can be figured out by himself after spending some time. Physics and biology are also looked at, but they are basically in a state of "giving up treatment". After finally returning to school, Feng Yi only completed one-tenth of the test paper. With such review results, I went to the examination room shortly after returning to school.


He remembered that it was very hot and sweaty during those two days. The examination room is disinfected, and examinees take their temperature before entering the examination room and wear masks throughout the process. Feng Yi said that the masks at that time were also very simple, with no classification such as N95 and filtration at all.


He witnessed the collapse of some of his classmates. Some people cried before they finished the exam. Some people walked out of the exam room and cried, saying that they will not take the exam this year and come back next year. After the math test, many people's mentality has been affected, resulting in the failure of the comprehensive subjects afterwards. Even if it is not affected by mathematics, the difficulty of science synthesis still leaves many people at a loss.


As the representative of the chemistry class in the class at that time, Feng Yi barely won chemistry, "Biology and Physics are a big defeat." After the results, Feng Yi's grades in the whole class and even the whole school were not very good. Many students from first-tier cities have switched to cities like Xi'an.


The times have changed after all. Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, although the efficiency of online classes is not as good as traditional classrooms, there is still a systematic learning progress after all. In addition to the live broadcasts of school teachers, there are plenty of resources waiting for them on the Internet. Compared with 2003, there are many more choices for students preparing for the exam this year.


If there were no such epidemics, Liu Yuou, an art candida亚搏彩票官网下载te from Shenyang, Liaoning, was taking school exams across the country.


Since I was young, I like to imitate other people's speech. I live in the northeast and live close to the market. There are a large number of people who speak very characteristically. She learns one by one, watching TV series, news broadcasts, and cartoons, and she also learns to talk about the characters in it.


The family thought she was "very owed", but they also said she learned a lot. When the elementary school was very young, there was no gender awareness, and the voice of a male student successfully knocked on the door of the men’s bathroom.


After attending junior high school, the school had some dubbing competitions, and she knew that there was a dubbing industry, which "feeled very magical". At that time, recalling the movies and TV series she had seen before, she found that she left a deep impression on herself. It is not the picture, but the sound.


She started to participate in some activities and learn dubbing knowledge from the teacher. After attending high school, there was a drama club in the school, and some college teachers came to the school to inspect the source of students. Through consultation, she knew what kind of preparations she needed to make. After returning home, I formally proposed with my parents that I wanted to learn dubbing and take the art test.


Of course, her family objected. She has always been the kind of child from another family, and her parents felt that there was no need to take the art test. But Liu Yuou knew that he really liked this business, and after repeated communication, he finally got the support of his parents, "I should make my own decisions in my life."


Years ago, the province’s joint exams were over, and I didn’t dare to let go of rest during the Chinese New Year. The school exams were ushered in immediately after the new year.


Culture class became the top priority at this time again. I got up at 8 o'clock, started studying at 8:30, and finished rest from 12 to 12:30 in the evening.


As preparation for professional courses and cultural courses have not been hel亚搏彩票官网下载d with the school for a long time, she has no way to take online classes with everyone. Find the class by yourself, read the questions and the workbook, check the answers yourself, and then send WeChat to the teacher if you don’t understand.


Because there is a second child in the family, it sometimes interferes with Liu Yuou's studies, so her family simply let her move out to live alone. The people around her gave her all the support she could give, which is also an invisible pressure for her, "Only by doing my best to be the best can be worthy of them." In the face of pressure, her love for dubbing will make her Generate momentum.


The voice gave her a broader imagination, "Open your eyes, red is red, green is green", but close your eyes, "the world you hear is bigger."


Through my own thinking, experience, skills, and emotions, I give the character a new look, and in this process, I will experience life experiences I have never had before, thereby enhancing my empathy and feelings for life , This is where the dubbing fascinates her.


She hopes that she can use her voice to shape a world, which makes her feel that dubbing is a sacred profession and requires strict requirements for practitioners.


From the perspective of the overall environment, there are not many regions in the country suitable for the development of dubbing. She hopes that she is worthy of those platforms, whether it is professional or cultural courses, she can be strong, "Master the magic of sound, so that she can be a fairy with aura. ."


Occasionally, thoughts of unconfidence flash through, fearing that they will not meet the expectations of the family and that they will not be able to realize their dreams. The epidemic has even disrupted all plans, but she feels that for herself, there is a little bit of light, and her own advantages in cultural classes will all be highlighted at this time.


She also saw that some art candidates did not perform very well in the cultural class, and they collapsed after the policy change, and were at a loss. "Some people are happy and others are worried." But she still hopes that everyone will "adjust their mentality." "The efforts of professional courses are not in vain. Correct your attitude towards the exam and then adjust your study plan."

她还看到一些艺术候选人在文化课上表现不佳,在政策改变后倒闭,茫然无措。 “有些人很高兴,其他人很担心。”但是她仍然希望每个人都能“调整自己的心态”。 “专业课程的努力没有白费。纠正您对考试的态度,然后调整学习计划。”

In 2020, the number of national art majors is expected to be 1.15 million. In the past ten years, the art test has experienced explosive growth. In 2002, the number of art candidates nationwide was only 32,000. From 2002 to 2015, the number of art majors has increased by nearly 1,000 to 1,679.

到2020年,全国艺术专业的人数预计将达到115万。在过去的十年中,美术测试经历了爆炸性的增长。 2002年,全国的艺术候选人只有32,000名。从2002年到2015年,艺术专业的人数增加了将近1,000,达到1,679。

Behind this is the continuous progress of education throughout China, which gives many ordinary people more choices. In 2018, China had 518,900 schools of all levels and types, with 276 million students and 16.73 million full-time teachers. Among them, there are 2663 ordinary universities.

其背后是整个中国教育的不断进步,这为许多普通人提供了更多选择。 2018年,中国拥有各级各类学校51.89万所,在校生2.76亿人,专任教师1673万人。其中,有普通大学2663所。

The college entrance examination is regarded as an opportunity to change the fate of ordinary people in China. The actual number of applicants increased from 2.88 million in 1999 to 10.31 million in 2019. The actual number of admissions increased from 1.59 million to over 8.3 million, and the acceptance rate rose from 50% to 81%. .

高考被认为是改变中国普通百姓命运的机会。实际申请者人数从1999年的288万增加到2019年的1031万。实际录取人数从159万增加到830万以上,录取率从50%上升到81%。 。

Under the epidemic, the anxiety of preparing for exams still reflects the importance Chinese students and families attach to the college entrance examination. But seventeen years have passed, opportunities have increased, and people’s choices have increased.


Feng Yi understood this as early as 2003. He didn't quite understand the students who collapsed, "Don't they see what they have gone through? With so much happening, do they think the world will go the way they expected?"


If there is no atypical pneumonia and normal review at school, he feels that he might eventually enter a local science and engineering school in Taiyuan. After graduation, he will find a job in the local area and follow the development of Shanxi. "Now it seems that he feels "boring, very boring."

如果没有在学校出现非典型肺炎和正常复查,他认为他最终可能会进入太原的一所当地理工学院。毕业后,他将在当地找到工作并关注山西的发展。 “现在看来他感到“无聊,非常无聊”。

The grades are average, but this kind of experience makes him feel that fate cannot be determined by a single score, and there are some objective forces that cannot be controlled by individuals. At that time, he felt that what he learned in school seemed to be out of touch with society. "The experience of nihilism and realism grew simultaneously."

成绩是中等的,但是这种经历使他感到命运无法由一个分数来决定,而且有些客观因素是个人无法控制的。那时,他觉得他在学校学到的东西似乎与社会脱节。 “虚无主义和现实主义的经验同时增长。”

2003 was the first year of independent selection and admission for 22 pilot universities including Peking University and Tsinghua University. In 2020, the Ministry of Education launched the "Strong Foundation Plan", and the autonomous enrollment of colleges and universities was cancelled. It seems to be a reincarnation.

2003年是北京大学和清华大学等22所试点大学进行独立甄选和录取的第一年。 2020年,教育部启动了“强基础计划”,取消了高等学校的自主招生。这似乎是轮回。

Most of the students who took the college entrance examination this year were born in 2003. "Born in SARS and tested with pneumonia" is like a joke, but it is also a helpless fact.


Compared with 2003, students preparing for exams are still anxious today, but their exam preparation environment has improved and they have more choices. They will mention the college entrance examination seventeen years ago and feel that they are luckier than them.


Some teachers also told them that the SARS college entrance examination was not postponed, but also advanced. “This year we encountered the new crown virus. We should not stop studying if the epidemic is serious. Instead, we must work hard.”

一些老师还告诉他们,SARS的高考并没有被推迟,而且也有所提高。 “今年我们遇到了新的冠状病毒。如果流行病严重,我们不应该停止研究。相反,我们必须努力工作。”

They were involved in a historical event. How much impact this will have on their future exams and their lives is still unknown. But one thing that is almost certain is that this epidemic affects everyone, after all, everyone cannot go to school.


To some extent, they are still on the same starting line. And they all understand,


After experiencing SARS, Feng Yi decided to leave his hometown and come to Beijing as a poor student. Seventeen years have passed. Looking back now, Feng Yi feels that in that year, the fate of many people was indeed changed with the exam, intentionally or unintentionally. He feels that he is right to come out. After so many years of hard work, he has worked in small companies that are about to close down, and he has also moved into the world's top 500 IT companies.


He thinks it’s all worth it:


Because compared to this seemingly important college entrance examination, one day we will understand that life itself is a bigger stage.