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Acne Scar Removal Treatments Found in Your Kitchen

It is true that there are many acne treatment products in the market that can really be depended upon in removing the nasty red bumps on a teenager’s face.

While it is true that these anti-acne products can do the job of eradicating acne, at times, scars are just cunning and leave something that will remind a person that, once upon a time, it was there: acne scars.

However, it’s a good thing that there are many anti-acne scar products that are sold in the market, too. While it is true that these acne scar treatments are effective, they come with a high price tag.

So, in the event that you have a lot of acne scars, and you can’t afford to buy these acne scar removal treatments, would you just be content with having acne scars? Well, not really.

The good news is that there are many things that can be found in your kitchen that you can use to remove the acne scars that you have.

Egg Whites Are Not Just for Icing

Egg WhitesEgg white, without question, is a baker’s one important ingredient. Without egg whites, a baker cannot make meringue or icing, and many other pastries.

However, do you know that egg whites can be used to deal with acne scars, too? Yes, they are effective acne scar removal treatment. Why? Well, it is because egg whites are loaded with amino acids and protein.

Egg whites are known to be good at lightening the color of the acne scars. Moreover, egg whites can unclog the pores of the skin and prevent the formation of new acne.

So, how do you use egg whites as an acne scar removal treatment? All you have to do is to beat 3 egg whites until they are fluffy. Apply the beaten egg white to your facial skin and allow it to dry.

Then, when the solution has dried, you have to rinse it with warm water.

The Ever Useful Lemon Juice

Lemon juice, undoubtedly, is a very versatile kitchen aid. It gives flavors to a lot of culinary creations, and is a favorite marinade ingredient.

However, the almighty lemon juice is not just for food; it can be a good acne scar removal treatment, too. Well, this is because, as you already know it, lemon is loaded with citric acid which is known for its antibacterial effect.

It is a very effective disinfectant and exfoliant. Hence, apart from lightening the scars, lemon juice also gets rid of the dead skin cells, including the scars.

All you have to do is to squeeze a lemon juice, dab a cotton ball in it, and apply it on the acne scar. Doing this three or four times a week will make you reap visible results eventually.

But, of course, these are just two of the most common kitchen aids that you can count on to remove the acne scars that you have.

There are more that may be slow acting but definitely work. So, in the event that you have acne scars, you don’t have enough cash to spend on acne scar removal treatments, you don’t really need to worry because there are things in your kitchen that can help you with your problem.